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Calgary Club Night: So You Own a Boat…

The Calgary Chapter is pleased to announce that their guests at the next two Club Nights will be Clio Smeeton (daughter of Beryl and Miles Smeeton of sailing fame) and her husband and fellow sailor, Ken Weagle.

At the October 3 meeting, Clio and Ken will outline the process they went through in buying a boat. How they decided what was wanted, how the boat was financed, what boats were considered, and the process of buying a boat in a foreign country (Turkey). Having purchased the boat, there were soon problems that needed to be addressed and changes made, so Clio and Ken will share some of the issues and their solutions, including cookers, toilets and electronics. Finally their cruise from Yalova on the Sea of Marmara up the Danube River to Kelheim, Germany begins!

In addition, they will talk about repairs in foreign countries and what to look for in marinas where you might leave your boat when you return to Canada – topics that always have a funny and serious side!

Clio Smeeton and Ken Weagle

Clio gained her early offshore sail training aboard her parents’ famous ketch, Tzu Hang [1], sailing in the 1950’s and 60’s to Australia, Africa, Asia, the Med, and from Japan to BC. Ken, on the other hand, spent his early life playing on boats and rafts on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

In 1997, while working for the Gwich’in Tribal Council in Inuvik to set up the Gwich’in Land and Water Board, Ken found a 22 foot Chestnut Freighter canoe which he then rebuilt.  In 2005, Clio and Ken paddled the canoe 1000 miles down the Mackenzie River from Ft Providence to Inuvik, NWT.  Subsequent extended trips have seen them explore the Mackenzie Delta and Great Slave Lake by canoe.  They purchased Pescadou in Turkey in 2006, the topic of their Oct presentation, and began their European waterways exploration that are the focus of their Nov presentation.

Clio runs the Cochrane Ecological Institute [2], dedicated to breeding endangered wildlife, that was founded by her parents in 1971.