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Emergencies On Board

Vancouver Maritime Museum, CMD Centre Room

27 Jan 2018 0930h - 1630h to 27 Jan 2018 

Members $95 / Non-Members $135

Ken Gillstrom

Learn to expect the unexpected and prevent emergencies on board. This full day workshop will look at preventing anxiety and emergencies, but will also look at how to manage emergency situations including abandoning ship. The course includes several emergency situation case studies.

During the course, you will discuss emergency situations such as fire, flooding, mechanical issues, medical emergencies and crew overboard. You will also look at the psychological impact of stressful situations and controlling your reactions when dealing with emergencies.

There will be classroom demonstration on types and use of flares, inflatable life vests, survival suits and video of life raft procedures.

Feature image attribution: Attempt to enter life raft in Public Domain
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