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May Rendezvous: Sail-ebrate Canada 150

Poet's Cove, Pender Island

20 May 2017  to 22 May 2017 

Members 5 per person / Non-Members

SV Exodus

Mark your calendar for May 20 – 22: the May Rendezvous, Poet’s Cove, Pender Island! Arrive Friday evening or anytime Saturday before the 1600h Happy Hour. The official Rendezvous agenda starts at 1600h on Saturday.

Come for the fun, the food, the camaraderie, the splash of red-and-white (flags, sails, attire, bunting, decorations, etc) and the music! Bring your voices, your fave Canadian folk songs and your instruments – the theme is Canada 150!

We’ll have the floating dock again this year as our Rendezvous base. There are 12 spaces along the dock for boats; the fee is $1/foot/night. If you want to tie to the dock, contact Poet’s Cove to reserve at 250-629-2111.

Anticipate being asked to help out if you tie up … or anchor out! Some of the planned activities include:

  • 9:00 am breakfasts on the floating dock:

Saturday – BCA will provide continental-style breakfast
Sunday and Monday breakfasts are pure potluck – Please consider bringing muffins or loaves to share.

  • Saturday 1:00 pm – Hike up Mt. Norman for those who feel so inclined.
  • Saturday 4:00 pm – Happy Hour: Bring your choice of grog as well as appies to share. Scavenger Hunt lists will be given out during Happy Hour – see below.
  • Sunday 8:30 am – Radio Check-in
  • Sunday 10:00 am – Microscopy on the Dock with Elaine Humphrey (If you have kiddies joining you, have them bring extra nets and buckets)
  • Sunday 1:00 pm – Blind Voyageur Dinghy Race
  • Sunday 3:00 pm – Turn in your Scavenger Hunt results
  • Sunday 5:30pm – Potluck Supper. Bring your choice of beverage as well as a food contribution to share:
    • Surname starting with A – M: Bring a salad or a dessert
    • Surname starting with N – Z: Bring a main dish

Wear your red and white to dinner as we celebrate 150 years of Canadian pride!

  • After Dinner – prize/gift exchange – see details below.
  • All Weekend – “Open Boat”: Hang a tea towel on your shrouds or other convenient place to alert potential visitors that your boat is “open”.

We will be doing a Scavenger Hunt at the Rendezvous – AND we are going to give you some hints as to what will be on the list.  Because our theme is Sail-ebrate Canada 150 there will be 50 bonus points for each item you bring that was a souvenir of the 1967 Canadian Centennial – that can be currency – coins or bills, stamps, crests, spoons, flags, pins, t-shirts, etc.  It must have 1867-1967 and/or the stylized maple leaf centennial logo on it to be eligible.

There will also be 500 bonus points for each person on your team that brings a printed picture of themselves from 1967.  One team per boat, and each boat can have as many members on their team as they have crew on the day.  Not born yet in 1967?  Where were your parents in 1967?  Surprise us…

We will have a prize/gift exchange after dinner on Sunday night.  Each boat that chooses to participate must bring a new wrapped item and we will draw numbers to choose your gift – like you have probably done at work at Christmas time.  Stealing will be allowed – but only twice.  The item can be anything you like as long as it is new – regifting is okay – it can be something useful or nautical or funny or containing alcohol – however it must be new.  We can help with wrapping when you get there.  Email us if you have any questions about it.

Go to the Event page on the website and use the RSVP button so we get an idea of the numbers for planning food.

Rendezvous, me hearties, we’ll have fun those three days!


For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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