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OCA 2018 - The Accidental Circumnavigation

Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson St., Vancouver, BC

09 Feb 2018 1930h - 2200h  

Members $10 / Non-Members $15

Never before has it been possible for the average person to sail across the seven seas without trying too hard. Historically, sailing around the world was the prerogative of kings and queens and their privileged vassals; it took hundreds of men and many ships in an expedition to bear one commander around the globe. Today, it is different: anybody can, for the cost of a car, buy a boat, load it up with groceries and a GPS and set out to see the world under sail. Or so it would seem. For today, the world is still a vast and mysterious place, where almost anything can happen, and where calamity can exact a high price.

So off into this magic kingdom we go. We point the bow of our wee boat out to sea for an unseen tropical destination 3000 miles away, and enter the world where we are in command of our own lives, where we experience the rush of our own daring and the joy of a successful passage and a distant landfall.


And so you are invited to an evening of adventure tales and insights from sailing 10 years and 50,000 miles in a circumnavigation of our magic kingdom presented by Cresswell Walker, lifelong sailor, former urban planner and executive coach and organizational development consultant:

  • What’s it like to be at sea for many weeks, sometimes months, out of sight of land, alone?
  • Then, to make landfall on a tropical island paradise?
  • What do we need in a small boat to sail comfortably around the world on your own, with partners, family and new friends?
  • What trials might one expect along the way, besides pirates, storms and sinking boats?
  • How does one come to see the world, and the self, on such a journey, and how does it change them forever?
  • What does it take to set sail on such an adventure in the first place (and where you can find some)?

All welcome to the second of the 2018 Ocean Cruising Adventure series; for further information and to purchase tickets for this event or for the entire series, click here.

For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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