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Psychology of Voyaging

Vancouver Maritime Museum, 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC

14 Oct 2017 1230h to 15 Oct 2017 1300h

Members $90 / Non-Members $125

The pursuit of offshore voyaging is the pursuit of a dream for most of us. We will explore the many motives, desires and challenges inherent in the voyaging dream. As we pursue the challenge to explore the oceans and cultures of the world, inevitably we explore ourselves through our responses to the situations we encounter. Part of preparing for voyaging is preparing ourselves psychologically, and part of voyaging is becoming the adventurer we dream to be.

The Psychology of Voyaging is a BCA “signature” course.  For more reading about this course, check out this article published in Currents in 2015.

The course takes place over one weekend and the times are different each day. Topics covered include:

  • Motivation: Dreams, desires, commitment and the experience we are seeking
  • Anticipation: Fears and warnings; their influences and our responses
  • Adventure: Risk, excitement and being in control
  • Knowing yourself: personal strengths, courage and confidence
  • The myth of buying safety: personal vs. boat preparation
  • Communication and partnership aboard: roles, issues, stress, crisis, trust and becoming a team
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