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SCS Pactor Modem Installation and Operation

Vancouver Maritime Museum, 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC

22 Oct 2017 1000h to 22 Oct 2017 1530h

Members $50 / Non-Members $65

Understanding, Installing and Operating SCS Pactor Modems

Do you understand the benefits of the computer programs for an HF SSB radio system for off-shore cruising?  This presentation is specifically designed for the non-technical off-shore cruiser that has the basic understanding of using an HF SSB system, and now wants to learn how to optimize the system for email, grib files, weather fax and SailMail.

Todays’ Digital Communications: E-mail using High Frequency Single Sideband Radio (SSB)

Are you wishing to cruise off-shore and still keep in touch with your friends and family using e-mail from anywhere in the world?  How does a system like this work and how reliable is it?  What basic hardware and software do I require to set up this system?  Can this system be used for anything other than to send text e-mail?  This presentation is designed for the non-technical off-shore cruiser and will answer the above questions in a clear and concise manner.

This seminar covers how these modems are used on the Sailmail and Winlink radio systems with a description of both systems.  Since the modems are employed in the same manner on both systems, the installation and setup is discussed complete with screen captures so later setup is simplified.  This discussion will include receiving weather fax, Grib files and setting up the GPS interface.

About our Presenter

Martin Dunsmuir, AScT, VE0MD, VE7BDF

Martin has been registered as an Applied Science Technologist in the electronics discipline with the Applied Science Technicians and Technologists of B.C. (ASTTBC) for over 30 years and has held an advanced amateur radio license for over 40 years.  He has an extensive background in HF, VHF, UHF, microwave and satellite systems and has experience with Canadian Motorola, Telus, ITT and 10 years with Teleglobe Canada at their west coast satellite earth station near Lake Cowichan.  He was a faculty member in the Electronics Engineering Technology program at Camosun College for 14 years, teaching communication systems theory and applications.  On retiring from Camosun College in 2001 Martin set up White Squall Consulting Inc. and has combined his love of sailing with his passion for communication systems, providing HF and data communications consultation for off-shore sailors.  He lived and worked from his home-built 60 foot ketch for 25 years and only recently moved ashore.

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