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Understanding, Installing and Operating HF Marine Radio Transceivers

Vancouver Maritime Museum, 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC

21 Oct 2017 1000h to 21 Oct 2017 1530h

Members $95 / Non-Members $120

Do you understand the benefits of an HF SSB radio system for off-shore cruising?  What makes up an HF SSB radio system and how does it work?  What is the difference between Ham and commercial SSB HF marine radio?  How do you choose an HF SSB radio?  What are the Canadian HF radio licensing issues?  How can an HF SSB radio system be used for emergency communications?  What is the best HF Marine Antenna?  Is grounding your HF SSB marine radio important?  Is there a simple way to troubleshoot an HF SSB radio system?

E-mail Using HF SSB Radio

Are you wishing to cruise off-shore and still keep in touch with your friends and family using e-mail from anywhere in the world?  How does a system like this work and how reliable is it?

What basic hardware and software do I require to set up this system?  Do I require a license to do this?  Is this system easy to install and operate?  How expensive is this system?

This seminar is specifically designed for the non-technical off-shore cruiser that wishes to have a basic understanding of an HF SSB system and would like to be able to perform basic system troubleshooting if a problem occurs.

There is special pricing available for couples. Check out the registration page.

For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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