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Using OPEN CPN Charting for Offshore Cruisers

Vancouver Maritime Museum,TK Gallery room, 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC

18 Apr 2018 1800h - 2100h  

Members Free (Members only) / Non-Members Members only event

As we sail further and further from civilization, the nautical charts we have might be less and less accurate or out of date. Luckily, there are satellites constantly taking images of the earth’s surface and we have access to some of them. Using OpenCPN (free “chart plotter” software for Mac or PC), we can view these satellite images as though they are charts. One of our members, Malcolm MacPhail from Good as Gold, will show you how!

Here are some of the topics Malcolm will cover:

  • OpenCPN – Basics
  • OpenCPN – Managing charts
  • ChartAid – Basics
  • ChartAid – Downloading a satellite image as a chart
  • OpenCPN – Viewing the “satellite” chart

You are welcome to bring your laptop and follow along, or just take notes. If you plan to bring your laptop, please download and install both OpenCPN and ChartAid.

For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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  1. James Rutledge says:

    Hello. If you don’t have enough interest from members for this event, would you consider opening it up to non-members? Thought it is worth asking.
    James Rutledge