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VI South Club Night - Nautical Nomads Sail to the World’s Most Remote Islands

Royal Victoria Yacht Club - Main Lounge

15 May 2018 7:00pm  

Members $5 / Non-Members $10

Peter McMartin

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail across an ocean aboard a working tall-ship? Do you dream about climbing aloft to see the curve of the earth, scanning the horizon for a wave-washed volcano? Do you think that nautical nomads, pirates and shark-infested waters only exist in the movies?

Victoria-based educators Asta and Andrew Murgatroyd share a background in marine science research and education, and spent two years sailing the Atlantic aboard the Dutch Tallship Gulden Leeuw, (Golden Lion) a 70m square topsail schooner, crewed by high school students having a maritime educational experience, as a part of the Canadian high school “Class Afloat.”

Join this adventuresome duo as they recount their experiences as sailors, teachers and mentors to 40 international students. They will highlight their visits to the Islands of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, including Tristan Da Cunha, the most remote inhabited island on earth, St. Helena, where Napoleon was imprisoned, and Ascension Island, Charles Darwin’s grand experiment.

Be transported to these unique landfalls, viewed through the eyes of teenage students, and learn how they lived by sailing traditions seemingly lost to time.

Don’t forget your shark repellent.


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