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Weather Strategies for the Inside Passage with Kevin Monahan

Vancouver Maritime Museum 1905 Ogden Avenue: TK Gallery Room

29 Oct 2017 0900h - 1530h  

Members $55 / Non-Members $70

Kevin Monahan

The topography of the west coast influences the weather in unique ways, and large-scale weather patterns end up causing very localized effects, by focusing waves and swells on certain areas and not on others, and by accentuating the wind in certain locations. This results in an extraordinarily complex regime of local effects which must be taken into consideration when planning a cruise or when making daily decisions about when to travel and when to stay at anchor.

The seminar will introduce participants to key concepts of mid-latitude depressions, offshore highs, and inflow and outflow winds, and their interactions with the geography of the Inside Passage. Certain locations must be avoided in certain winds, and other places offer safe passage even during high winds. The seminar also examines the sequence and timing of weather events in specific locations.

The seminar is not intended to teach actual forecasting of large scale weather patterns. Instead it will show skippers how to apply the information in weather forecasts and local weather reports, to better understand actual conditions in specific locations on the water.


Kevin Monahan, is an experienced captain, retired Canadian Coast Guard officer, and author of Local Knowledge: A Skipper’s Reference (Tacoma to Ketchikan) and The Radar Book: Effective Navigation and Collision Avoidance.  Kevin will have copies of his books for sale.


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