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A Message from Our Commodore

David Mitchell

Island Packet 40
February 1st, 2021

Wow! What a year 2020 was. Now we set sail for 2021.

I find myself extremely excited moving into 2021. Bluewater Cruising Association (BCA) members are certainly reaping the benefits of all the hard work that our volunteers have put in. All three chapters persist in their efforts to ensure that BCA grows as an Association and continues to increase its value to members.

I invite all of you to join in on our virtual club nights. Each chapter conducts their regular club night with scheduled presenters using the Zoom platform. Once a month, on a rotational basis, one of our chapters hosts a BCA-wide club night. These events have been greatly enjoyed, with in excess of a hundred members tuning in. The energy that everyone is bringing to these events can be felt straight through the screens of BCA members around the world. It is truly amazing to be able to connect with our entire membership, including those currently cruising. Come on out, meet new friends, reconnect with faces from your past and, most importantly, enjoy the company of our many like-minded sailors.

Our website has seen some changes, with more to come. Please take a moment to visit the site and have a look around. There, you will find information on upcoming events, such as education opportunities; updates to the Ocean Cruising Adventures’ big night, coming up at the beginning of March; BCA’s involvement in the virtual Vancouver International Boat Show at the end of February, and much more. While you are at the site, please take some time to renew your membership and update your member profile. BCA’s Directory team is well into the process of creating this year’s directory and is relying on you. The accuracy of your profile is essential to ensure the best possible BCA Annual Directory.

Currents, our very own online magazine, has come out the 2021 door, stronger than ever and is sure to hold your interest. Our team is always looking for articles and you can help. If you have spent any time at all on a boat, a dock, or anywhere near a sailor, you have a story. Whether you are a dreamer, doer or doner, your experiences are valuable; please consider sharing with our family.

My thoughts and words all revolve around the incredible efforts that our volunteers put in. I thank each and every one of you for stepping up and demonstrating what an amazing group of people you are. For those of you who are wondering if there is anything that you can add, you can. Each of you has something that is your strength, passion, or joy. Your BCA community would love to see where you shine. If you have ever thought about volunteering, now is the time to step forward and join our cadre of greatly appreciated volunteers.

In closing, I thank all of our members of the Board of Directors, watch keepers, and the many other volunteers that make the Bluewater Cruising Association what it is. Further, I encourage all of you to go out of your way to learn what any one of our volunteers brings to our Association and show your appreciation.

I raise my glass to 2020, and again to 2021!

Yours aye,

David Mitchell


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