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BCA Member Directory Needs Your 2020 Photos!

Jennifer Handley

December 31st, 2020

In a ‘normal’ year, the BCA Member Directory coordinators have hundreds of photos to sift through before a select few dozen are chosen for publication in the Directory. If you flip through the pages of your 2020 Directory, you will see a wide variety of images that collectively capture the essence of BCA. There are photos of BCA rendezvous, education and Fleet activities, awards presentations, member departures and home-comings and from far-flung members who are pursuing their dreams around the world. Most reflect BCA’s core values:

  • Community: Friends on a journey; we are not alone.
  • Sharing: The open exchange of experiences, because no one knows all the answers.
  • Adventure: The lure of what awaits beyond the horizon.
  • Inspiration: Fueling your dream.

2020, of course, has been completely different with all in-person activities shut down and with many cruisers safely waiting out the COVID storm at home. As a result we sadly have very few photos in our collection to look through. And those that we do have are often screen shots from a Zoom meeting…

Thus this appeal to all BCA members: please submit the best of  your 2020 BCA-related photos to us for consideration. Donna, Jennifer and Rhonda (this year’s coordinators) are looking for high resolution photos (vertical or landscape orientation), jpeg format, suitable for publication. What are we looking for? Here are a few ideas:

  • People doing ‘boat stuff’ – BCA members, families and their boats, working, playing and having fun together
  • Sailing/Cruising – at home and abroad
  • Boat Preparation/Maintenance – work being done to prepare your boat for cruising, work being done to safely leave your boat in a foreign port
  • BCA in the midst of a pandemic

Photos should be submitted, as a separate attachment, by email to Rosario, Currents Managing Editor (  Deadline for submission is February 28, 2021.

Thanks for your help!


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