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BCA Mentor Program 2016

Guy Druce

Floating Point
Contessa 32
November 23rd, 2015

One of the many valuable services that the Bluewater Cruising Association promotes is the Mentor’s Program which is meant to provide an opportunity for members to contact fellow sailors who have volunteered their time to pass on hard won experience cruising offshore.

Mentors have accumulated a wealth of experience sailing the oceans of the world in a variety of vessels using different equipment under different conditions. This knowledge comprises a valuable repository of information that members can tap into when planning their own voyages.

There is no one type of cruiser or cruising boat; every skipper and crew have their own preferences, experience, comfort level and constraints which shapes their cruising plans. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the collective knowledge, gained over many years and thousands of offshore miles that the mentors have accumulated during their voyages.

This program was first developed by VI member, Shaun Peck, in 2009 and was then coordinated by John Reid for four years. My name is Guy Druce and I have recently taken on the mentor watch.  I have been a mentor for many years and I have had the pleasure of being contacted by a number of members over the years who have been preparing to go offshore.

An email has been sent to the current mentors, asking whether they are willing to continue to participate in the program. I would also like to encourage fellow members who have spent time sailing offshore and who feel that they would like to contribute to this program to contact me if they would like to offer their services as mentors to BCA’s dreamers and doers.  The updated list of mentors will be published in Currents and on the BCA website in the near future.

I hope anyone venturing offshore will take the time to contact one or more of the mentors to discuss their voyages and ask questions on topics that may affect their particular cruising plans.

As always, the decision to go to sea rests solely with the skipper of the boat. Mentors can provide opinions, ideas and suggestions based on their own unique experiences but ultimately all decisions surrounding a voyage are the sole responsibility of the skipper.


  1. Gillian West says:

    So pleased you have taken this program on . Guy. I believe it is very valuable.

    1. Guy Druce says:

      Gillian. Thank you! I took it on because I share the same sentiment, that it is a valuable resource. All the best. Guy

  2. Pamela Bendall says:

    I was not able to connect with Guy Druce regarding mentoring. I would be happy to be a mentor if there’s an opportunity.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Pamela,
      I will pass this on to Guy.

  3. Lars Hansen says:

    Hi Guy, do you use a roller furler? I have hank on sails aboard my Contessa 32.
    Regards, lars Hansen

  4. Lars Hansen says:

    Hi Guy, do you use a roller furler? I have hank on head sails aboard my Contessa 32.
    Regards, lars Hansen

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