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Book Launch: Catherine Dook's Latest Book of Nautical Humour

Donna Sassaman

Spencer 44
September 1st, 2015

Darling Call the Coast Guard, the Neighbours are Squabbling!

By Catherine Dook

Edited by Anthony Dalton, Mottle Cove Publishing


ISBN # 978 0 994 0086 0 2

$17.95 – Order at

Mottle Cove – a liveaboard community where the weapons of choice are Reggae CDs and police tape, where the Dooks’ son Rupert writes an in memorium notice for a plastic Spongebob, and where Leroy’s natural resemblance to a garden gnome is irresistible to his neighbours.

  • Will Fast-Food Ed find true love?
  • Will Stafford the Respectable find his escaped snake?
  • Will the neighbours murder Screaming Liver?
  • Will the liveaboards look up from their quarrelling long enough to notice what is happening around them? Clearly not.

Book Cover

Praise for Darling Call the Coast Guard, the Neighbours are Squabbling!

“. . . every woman and every man who enjoys a philosophical snapshot of a happy and humble liveaboard community, served up with a heavy dose of classy and inventive humor, should also have a copy of Darling Call the Coast Guard, the Neighbours are Squabbling! One begins page one as a reader, but reluctantly closes the final cover feeling more like a neighbour.”

Chuck Gould, Editor, Author, and Musician

About the Author

Catherine Dook’s prior publications include Darling Call the Coast Guard We’re on Fire Again, Damn the Torpedoes, and Offshore. Damn the Torpedoes and Offshore were nominated for the Leacock. Catherine lived many years in Canada’s Arctic, which, she says, is a natural training ground for living on a boat. Catherine and her husband John live onboard the s/v Inuksuk at Cowichan Bay.


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