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Bon Voyage to the Fleet of 2017!

Jennifer Handley

September 17th, 2017

Summer is always a busy time for those preparing to head offshore, and this year has been no exception.  2017 has seen a large group of BCA members (24 boats) say farewell and take a left at Cape Flattery, or set sail from a foreign port.  Many of those who left from BC are now enjoying California or Ensenada; or hunkering down for a winter in Alaska; others are kicking back in the Mediterranean, while a few more are working out the last-minute “issues”, with the intent of departing soon.

As BCA Commodore and now as Past Commodore, it has always been a tremendous privilege for me to present Bon Voyage packages to those who decided this is the year to cast off the dock lines and head offshore. The VI June BBQ that I attended and the Vancouver Fleet BBQ that Leslie Hanson, BCA’s Commodore, attended were a great opportunity for all of us to applaud the preparations of our fellow members and to wish them well in the pursuit of their bluewater dreams.

Clockwise from L-R: Vancouver Chapter Vice Commodore Blair Tweten and Commodore Leslie Hanson with Jean Baillargeon and Helen Roberts; Blair and Leslie with Shelley and Herm Rubzow; Blair and Leslie with Jessica Guay and Chris Madsen; Blair and Leslie presenting to Glen Priestly.

I was deeply moved by what members of the Fleet of 2017 told us when they received their packages.  We heard that what BCA does is indeed in keeping with the Vision statement that many of us had a hand in crafting in June 2016:  “Mentoring, supporting and realizing cruising dreams”.  We heard heartwarming and emotional expressions of thanks.  Kudos were given to individuals, Watchkeepers, and the Association as a whole for all that BCA does.  Excitement and some angst about the adventure ahead was palpable in the room, as plans were shared.  And we were inspired as they divulged their hopes for the months and years ahead.  Needless to say, I look forward to the blogs (links to some of which can be found here), articles published in Currents and brief updates that will hopefully come our way;  I know their experiences and how they handle the good, the bad and the ugly will encourage and motivate the next bunch of BCA dreamers.

And with that, congratulations to the Fleet of 2017!

Clockwise from Upper L-R: Vancouver Chapter Blair Tweten and Commodore Leslie Hanson with Will and Sarah Curry; Blair and Leslie with Jacquie and Mike Champion; Blair and Leslie with Karen Grierson; Blair and Leslie with Mark and Lucille Regimbald.

From the Vancouver Chapter

  • Mark and Lucille Regimbald, Yeti
  • Ron and Karen Grierson, Double Deuce
  • Mike and Jacquie Champion, Angelique of Vancouver
  • Doug and Sandra Birkenthal, SahSen
  • Helen Roberts and Jean Baillargeon, Shamata
  • Chris Madsen and Jessica Guay, Sitka
  • Glen and Heidi Priestley, Borboleta
  • Herm and Shelley Rubzow, Gecko I
  • Will and Sarah Curry, Kaiquest
  • Karoline Monkvik and Eric Carpentier, Blackdragon
  • Edward Estabrook and Talica Davies, Tioga

Clockwise from L – R: Ricky Picanco presenting package to Harry Nichols; Gerry Jompe with Past Commodore, Jennifer Handley; Jurgen Harding and Stefa Katamay with Jennifer; Rick Ashton and Maria Gravett-Cameron with Jennifer

From the Vancouver Island Chapter

  • Jill and Andy Cross, and family, Yahtzee
  • Stefa Katamay and Jurgen Harding, Mazu
  • Robert Moran and Sheila McKinnon, The Good Rain
  • Brian Short and Glenda Wray, Carpe Ventus
  • Glen and Mary Wilson, Danica
  • Maria Gravett-Cameron and Rick Ashton, Windward Passage
  • Harry Nichols, Shala
  • John Lugsdin, Magena
  • Gerry Jomphe and Sandra Dumais, and family, Volovent III
  • John Clemens, AfterMath
  • Brian and Hiromi Eckert, Angelique II
  • Kandyce and Dennis Hiebert, Lemanee
  • Kevin Bourgeois, Ocean Adventure III

Bon Voyage Leaver’s Package 2017

BCA Bon Voyage Packages

The offshore package is a long-standing BCA tradition, and while not designed to contain the essentials for one’s voyage, the many diverse items in the 2017 package fit into multiple categories; they are all useful, entertaining, informative, educational, relationship-saving and more!

The packages gifted to the Fleet of 2017 were again compiled by a small committee within the Vancouver Chapter Fleet that dedicates a not insignificant amount of time to researching, sourcing and assembling theses “graduation” packages.  Thanks to committee members, especially to Hiromi Eckert (who also headed south this summer), under the direction of Vancouver Fleet coordinators, Cam and Marianne McLean.

Feature Photo Above: VI Chapter Vice Commodore Ralph Lapp presents a leaver package to John Lugsdin; Vancouver Chapter Vice Commodore Blair Tweten and BCA Commodore Leslie Hansen with Brian and Hiromi Eckert.




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