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Cruising (or Not) During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leslie Hansen

Martin 32
April 11th, 2020

It’s a difficult and stressful time for everyone right now and we are all facing different types of challenges depending on where we are.

Here in BC things seem to be calming somewhat, thanks to good social distancing practices being followed by so many, but it still seems it will be quite a while before we get back to ‘normal’. Around the world, borders are being closed and ‘stay-at home’ orders are in place with varying degrees of enforcement. In some places it’s becoming increasingly difficult, and even risky, to move from place to place, an obvious challenge to the cruisers currently living in this way.

Bluewater Cruising Association has set up a place on our website homepage where we can share our questions and the information we find that might answer them. The new COVID & Cruising forum is open to all members no matter where you are, to post questions and add your input to discussions on the issues we face.

This is BCA – we are never alone. There are resources here available to you and to all our members to share, and you can be a part of it. Please check out and contribute to these new additions to our website:

BCA 2020 COVID & Cruising Forum
BCA 2020 COVID19: Trusted Sources
BCA 2020 COVID19: Relevant News Articles

For those still close to home, here is good advice from the BC Boating Association with some new special precautions to take if you decide to venture off the dock: Maintaining social distancing while boating in BC.

No matter where you are, be safe, be prudent, and, above all and as always, use good judgement when you apply the information shared by others to your specific situation.


  1. Capt'n Ev says:

    I live on my Whitby 42 ketch – the ocean is my home – where ever my boat floats is my front and back yard. Permanent liveaboard! Sometimes my front yard makes waves which you can watch disappear out my back yard. I am forever upgrading my off grid capability which has become important in these times not to depend on shore services I am not needing. I have a friend half way around the world on a solo circumnavigation using a sextant for navigation. We depend on our skills to not be a burden, many say if we venture we could tax they rescue system. Arrogance no, preparedness yes, and in my own case a lifetime of acquired skills. I am being soon cast adrift from a winter’s dockside home, does it matter? I think not. My home makes but a small indent on the world’s oceans, and welcomes my bow wave.

    1. Andrew Ferguson says:

      Just read your piece. Saracen what a great boat I should know my father purchased it brand new I believe in 80 or 81. I learned how to sail on Saracen and race. Many summers of good times and memories sailing the gulf islands and desolation sound . I’m glad to see that she is still going. Thanks for the trip down memory lane

  2. Jean Baillargeon says:

    great piece Leslie, thanks

  3. Yvonne Harwood says:

    Again, a very good article, Leslie. Thank you.
    Yvonne Harwood
    s.v. Ostara (no longer mine).

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