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Currents Cover Photo Contest: 2023 Winners

Jennifer Handley

January 11th, 2024

Once again, the Currents Cover Photo Contest was a success!

We received dozens of amazing photo submissions from all over the world to vie for the chance to grace the PDF covers of  Currents during 2024. Thanks to everyone for your keen participation and enthusiasm. There were some awesome submissions, and really, they were all winners in our eyes! Having said that, we could only choose twelve.

After much thoughtful deliberation by the judges (Nick Ward, John Kortbeek, Rosario Passos, and Dani Tate-Stratton), the winning photos were selected and so, without further ado, the winning photographers are (in no particular order):

  • Darrell Farrow, Endless Song
  • Torsten Schulz, Fortitude X
  • Shawn Wright, Halcyon Passage
  • Bjarne Hansen, Hoku Pa’a
  • Glenda McDonald, Innisfree
  • Barb Lyall, Pegasus II
  • Brent Alley, Pegasus II
  • Blake Williams, Sea Fever
  • Kit Griffin, Swan
  • Mel & Morgan Finley, Swift of Southampton
  • Scott Brown, Whale Song
  • Margy, Krause, Whistler

Winners of the 2023 Currents Cover Photo Contest will each receive a $10.00 credit to be applied to their membership dues.

Many thanks to the Currents judging panel who stepped up to the plate and helped select the best photos based on the given criteria. It was no easy task!

Image attribution: CC BY –  by  Sean MacEntee


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