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Friends, Food and Fun with the Peterson Cup Cruising Rally

Ken Christie

Blue Rose
DeKleer Bros. 30 Sloop
July 1st, 2023

Mark the Peterson Cup Cruising Rally (PCCR) on your summer calendars right now! This fun event organised by Bluewater Cruising Association  (BCA) volunteers is back this year and it promises to be a fantastic time!

The rally will begin on Saturday, July 29, at 1600h, at the Dinghy Dock Pub on Protection Island, Nanaimo Harbour, and it will wrap up on August 4 at Port Browning Pub on Pender Island.

About the Rally

The first few rallies were a call to a series of races leading to the August Rendezvous. Then BCA Commodore Lex Peterson made the call and BCA members gladly joined the series of fun races that culminated in a great celebration to send off Dreamers into their offshore sailing adventures. Lex’s motto “Live your Life Today” still rings true to this day. You can learn a bit more about the history of the rally in this Currents article.

All boats participating in the rally must be willing to anchor, as we do not use docks. Be sure to bring a dinghy and food to share.  If you play an instrument, bring it along. In the past singing and dancing have been known to happen!

The course for the rally is prescribed by the winds each morning. We will race 20 miles northbound, 20 miles east, 20 miles west, and 20 miles south to arrive at the Port Browning Pub by Thursday afternoon.

Rally Themes

The themes for the Peterson Cup Cruising Rally are:

Registration is now open on the BCA website, so plan to register soon! Registration will include a cool souvenir T-shirt!


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