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From The Commodore's Desk

David Mitchell

Island Packet 40
May 4th, 2021

Another month has passed, and we are still fighting to reduce the drastic effects of the coronavirus. I am aware that some of us have had conversations with BCA members who are feeling somewhat down, scared, and lonely.

I, personally, have had moments of feeling down, almost hopeless at times. As most of you have likely picked up on, I am very much an extrovert. That means, to me, I thrive on the energy that I gain from contact with others. I have found that if I remain in the moment, in tune with what I need, I can keep myself in a healthy mental state. However, when I allow myself to drift, I can have feelings of sadness and loneliness.

My point is not to talk about my needs and me but to remind all of us that we are more than the Bluewater Cruising Association: we are a family! Our family members may struggle at times, while thriving at other times. I encourage you to reach out, whether feeling strong or feeling low. It is amazing how much a phone call, email, text, or video call can do to support us in our human need for connection.

I recently, casually, mentioned to our Past Commodore, Leslie Hansen, that I was feeling discouraged and needed a bit more social contact. Without missing a beat, she invited Trina and I to a Zoom happy-hour with Don and her. I can’t express enough how the mere mention of the get-together changed my discouragement into faith. I have a solid belief that we will make it through these tough times and believe in the positivity of those who are members of our family. We had our happy hour, and I am sitting on top of the world! Leslie and Don reached out when I needed it. Thank you!

I am taking this opportunity to share some COVID mental health support resources in Alberta and British Columbia:

Again, I encourage all to reach out and connect with one of our BCA family members and say hi, ask how they are doing, show you care and that they are valued. Join in on the club nights, and participate in the social aspects before and after the presentations. If you have found a strategy that works for you, share it.

As I said last month, may we all be rafted soon! I look forward to your stories, songs, sharing food and drink, and mostly, your faces.

Yours aye,

David Mitchell




  1. Jennifer Handley says:

    Another great way to connect with BCA members during this past year has been to attend a BCA BURP hosted by Heather Marshall, Vancouver Speaker’s Watchkeeper. These are on the 4th Wed of the month at 1930h; all BCA members receive an email invite with the Zoom link. No agenda, no formal presentation, no business; just an opportunity to sit back and chat with someone other than one’s own partner for a change. Campbell and I have met lots of new-to-us members from all over, shared stories, learned new stuff and enjoyed an evening “out” via Zoom with good friends and a glass of wine (or two). Highly recommended!! BIG thanks to Heather for making these BURPs happen!! One day they will happen again on the water, but for the time being, they are a great way to stay in contact. (BURP = BCA Unofficial Rendezvous Place)

  2. David John Mitchell says:


    Absolutely! Thank you for adding to the discussion!

    Take care,

  3. Donna Sassaman says:

    Thank you, David! I think you speak for many (all?) of us when you describe moments of feeling adrift. We ARE in the same boat together and it’s good to be reminded to reach out to our fellow members.

    Stay well, stay safe, stay connected.

  4. David John Mitchell says:

    Thank you Donna! I hope all is well.

    Take great care,

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