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David Mitchell

Island Packet 40
April 29th, 2022

Hello my fellow Bluewater Cruising Association members!

I write this message finding myself so full of energy and excitement for the oncoming cruising season. The weather is changing and bringing more and more sun. This means that we will all be coming out of hibernation, getting our boats ready, and heading out on the water.

Our first rendezvous of the year is approaching quickly. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Let’s see if we can’t come out of the COVID coma with record breaking numbers of boats at this Vancouver Island Chapter hosted event. BCA burgees abundant!

All should be finding this year’s Member Directory arriving in their mail. Once again the directory team has worked tirelessly to ensure that our Directory is all that you want it to be. I am certain that you will find this year the team has, unbelievably, surpassed their usual outstanding standards and produced the best Member Directory to date. Thank you Directory Team!!

At this time, I would like to highlight the fact that BCA is not just for sailboats. The Bluewater Cruising Association has always been, and always will be, an association that is made up of powerboat owners, sailboat owners, and those who have no boats at all. Many of our members have managed to find themselves in each of these categories as they journeyed through life. The fact is, it’s the diversity of our membership that makes us special. With that said, I invite all of you to share your varied experiences. Share your stories in conversation, write an article for Currents, offer to present at a club night. We would all like to hear from our dreamers, doers, and doners; those in power and sail; and those experiencing the cruising life without boats.

I am looking forward to talking with each and every one of you over this summer. Please fly your burgees and seek each other out. If I see your burgee, I will come over to say hello. Trina and I will be flying ours as an invitation to all of you.

Thank you for making the Bluewater Cruising Association all that it is.

Yours aye,

David Mitchell


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