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Humpback Whale Research - A Follow Up from Club Night Presenter Jackie Hildering

Heather Marshall

Catalina 27
April 18th, 2022

On April 6, BCA was privileged to hear from Jackie Hildering of the Marine Education and Research Society, who delivered a powerful and passionate presentation on humpback whale research and boater safety around these giants.  “It really lifted me up to note the interest and engagement from BCA.  It helps it feel so worthwhile too to know this was a big audience of very active boaters.  Thank you again.”

Jackie shared several important links during her presentation and during the ensuing question period, and has provided them for our reference.  These include the link to the online auction she was so excited about, where to find hydrophones, where to report sightings, what to do if you see an entangled whale, and more.

Links relevant to questions resulting from BCA Club Night

Recorded Presentations

  • Marine Education and Research Society
    • “Return of Giants” recording is a slightly longer version of the Club Night presentation
    • “Boaters and Marine Mammals – Safety and Stewardship” focuses more on regulations and best practices

How to Save a Whale

Sightings Related

Social Media

  • By sharing content from our social media, you help expand the reach of our education efforts

Online Auction

  • This MERS fundraiser starts on April 22nd but you can already “sneak peak” and mark your favourites.

Whale Warning Flag


Further Ways to Help

Photo credit: Humpback Whale “Jigger” breaching (catalogue number is BCX1188). Photo taken with telephoto lens under Marine Mammal License MML-42, ©Jackie Hildering, Marine Education and Research Society.


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