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Leavers Package

Ted And Sue Bannister

Passport 47 Sloop
May 11th, 2016

San Francisco, more accurately Sausalito, was our refuge for a few days, while waiting for the next weather window north, as we were heading home. Another small, low pressure system would soon arrive north of Cape Mendocino.  We were also looking forward to meeting up with Paul Guenette, who was to meet us in San Francisco the previous year for Thanksgiving.  As it turned out, his project list was too long. By the time he made it to San Francisco, we had headed south to Mexico.

Aside from sharing beers and stories, he was in possession of our Bluewater Cruising Association’s leavers package.  Paul was an active volunteer in Vancouver, and would see Jennifer Handley, BCA’s Commodore, before we would have time to meet, so he was handed the job of presenting it to us.  We missed Paul on our way South, but on our way back to Canada we met to officially receive our leavers package!  Here we are almost home and celebrate leaving !

Paul also had his vehicle in San Francisco, which was very helpful getting our shopping list done in short order.  Laundry done, Adesso fuelled, and the food supplies topped up, we passed under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, leaving and not knowing if we would ever pass this way again.


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