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Living the Dream

Esther & Neil Symons

Morgan/Catalina 45
November 14th, 2016

So you want to go sailing, yes that’s the dream

But better be careful, it’s not all it seems

Sailing away with ropes, lines and knots

Visiting the world from all distant ports

But buyer beware, consider the matter

You’re soon to find out who is the master

She’ll gobble your money like an old goat

And take all you have to keep her afloat

Polish and paint that’s really tough stuff

But soon your labour isn’t enough

The wireless goes crackle, the engine goes groan

You’re off to the bank for a little more loan

Salt is the Devil: it eats it corrodes

It’s in the alternator digesting diodes

So you work all the harder, oh yes! This is fun

But look here, the rigging is coming undone

We’ll visit the islands for four months or more

So hop on the bus and head to the store

How much milk? 16 times 3

The bacon, the beans, the biscuits, the tea

60 pound of flour, there’s no baker about

What we forget we’ll just do without

The wine and the water, the Coke and the beer

Where we will put it is not very clear

But load it aboard, we’re off with a shove

And now we remember, it’s this life that we love!

Cover image: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.


  1. Graciela Orlando says:

    Dear Esther and Neil
    Wonderfully written and very funny!
    Graciela y Hugh Waller
    Gypsy Dream
    Bristol 41.1

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