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Music Going South

Bill Bourlet

Island Packet 40
January 4th, 2017

We set sail in Music with a total of four crew on board from Blaine, Washington on October 8 2016. I intended to join the Baja Ha Ha. Three crew and myself as captain made it to San Diego in just a couple of weeks.

We hid out in Crescent City, California whilst a storm blew by. We sailed the bar for 4 days!

We joined the Ha Ha in San Diego with the start parade of 180 boats. 160 of those boats made it to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The rest peeled off at one point or another. One boat didn’t make it as they tried to sail over a reef. They were rescued by the Mexican navy. Apparently, they didn’t expand their chart plotter enough to see the reef.

Now I’m in La Cruz near Puerto Vallarta and I am throughly enjoying the cruisers life. There are two other BCA boats here in the bay.

Music’s blog is in Sailblogs, if you are interested.


  1. Norm Cooper says:

    Congratulations, Bill! Have a great time in Mexico!

    1. Bill Bourlet says:

      Thanks Normand Beth. Any time? I could use all the help I can get!

  2. Rob Dodge says:

    Well done Bill!!! We are so impressed that you are “living the dream”.
    Rob and Grace ” the Nanamukers”

  3. Ken says:

    Am pleased to see you NOT wearing shoes ! got scorpions in Mex ?…
    keep your large scale paper charts handy…..electrics and salt water don’t mix
    not sure what the life vest is about ?… Life is short…well…at least not long enough…
    Good luck

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