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Nominations for BCA Cruising, Service and Perpetual Awards (2022)

Since 1978, the Bluewater Cruising Association has recognized its members’ achievements at annual awards ceremonies that take place in December in each Chapter.  These celebratory occasions inspire the “dreamers” among us, encourage the “do-ers”, and remind the “doners” of their own bluewater experiences.

A summary of BCA’s many sailing and perpetual awards, the nomination process and application criteria is below (and in the 2022 Member Directory, pp 15-17); further information, including lists of previous award recipients, can be found on the BCA website [1].

If you are eligible for an award this year, or know someone who is, please speak up!  The greatest compliment you can pay to a fellow BCA member is to put them forward as a nominee.

Nomination / Application Process

Think about your own sailing / crewing / volunteering experience this past year and what your BCA friends have been up to:

If your answer is “yes” to any or all of these questions, please email Past Commodore, Leslie Hansen [2] to apply for and/or nominate another member for an award.  All applications must be received prior to October 26, 2022.

Cruising Awards

The Cruising Awards honour the sailing achievements of Bluewater Cruising Association skippers and their crews and/or their safe return to home port:

Service Awards

The Service Awards recognize individuals who have served as Watchkeepers at the Chapter or Board of Directors level, for an extended period of time, and those who are particularly deserving of recognition due to their unflagging volunteer contributions, often carried out quietly behind the scenes.

BCA Perpetual Awards

Perpetual Awards

The Perpetual Awards acknowledge unique sailing, organizational and sometimes humorous achievements and / or actions that are worthy of recognition; they are awarded from time to time:

Note:  The Peterson Cup Cruising Rally was not held in 2022 and thus the Peterson Cup will not be awarded this year.

Questions / Concerns?

If you have any questions about BCA’s awards and/or the nomination process, please do not hesitate to contact Leslie [2]. Please remember that: