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The Southern Seas Are Calling Our Name

Kandyce Hiebert

Alden 44
July 19th, 2016

We are a slow sail home on Lemanee, our Alden 44, from the BCA Victoria Day Rendezvous at Poet’s Cove in Bedwell Harbour. We had a blast! We met ‘Dreamers‘ and ‘Doners‘ as well as the crews who are heading south this season.  “WooHoo Wanna Rendezvous.”

At the potluck dock party, we received our ‘Leavers Package’ from the Bluewater Cruising Association’s Commodore, Jennifer Handley. This morning we heard “Bon Voyage”, “God Speed”, “Have a great trip” and “Safe Sailing” from our fellow BCA members.

Kandyce and Dennis receiving their BCA Leavers' package.

Kandyce and Dennis receiving their BCA Leavers’ package.

The entire event replays in our hearts and our heads. We have finally made the commitment. Excitement, anticipation and fear vibrate through us. Are we ready? Have we crossed everything off our list? Sometimes it feels like planning a family. You do whatever you can, but are you ever 100 percent ready?

We have been planning this voyage since 1999. We realized we had to have a dream and set ourselves a goal to get through the years of a busy household, children and two careers. We researched and planned: types of boats; routes; destinations; timelines, finances and hazards.

We purchased Lemanee last spring, after a very extensive search encompassing both coasts and the Great Lakes. We finally found her in Sidney and she is beautiful. Everything we wanted in a bluewater boat.

Lemanee, Alder 44

Lemanee, Alder 44

We have sold everything we owned and have jumped into the deep end. We have taken pride in our accomplishments. We have let our imaginations go wild and we dream sweet dreams of a slower lifestyle, a strong community and sunshine. We have harnessed our fears and are ready to cast off the bowlines. We will sail the BC Coastline for the summer, and in September it will be a true Bon Voyage, God Speed and sweet sailings.





  1. Coleman says:

    Good luck on your journies!

  2. Becky says:

    Great article & spot on Kandy !!!
    Hope our paths cross again somewhere
    in the South Pacific…

  3. Vicky Andrew says:

    Can I come? have a wonderful trip my friend!!

  4. Katherine Hiebert says:

    Love it! So excited for both of you! Safe travels as I would like my husband back:) See you in San Francisco!

  5. Donna Melville says:

    HEY!! we are leaving around September 1st from Vancouver, to San Diego and joining the Baja Cabo.
    It would be fun to chat!! We are scrambling around, too..and we don’t feel ready at all…and we are going anyway!!
    our boat is Northwest Passage, a 42FT Baltic and we intend to go to Zihuatanejo.
    YIKES!! Life is sweet.

    1. Kandyce Hiebert says:

      Hi Donna, yes it is busy crazy and sweet. And very exciting. Where are you moored? We should meet up.

      1. Donna Melville says:

        Hey Kandyce…just saw your reply…currently we are at the Nanaimo Yacht Club and heading to Vancouver Tuesday to have a meeting with the Mexican Consulate re temporary residency there…I so echo you feelings and thoughts…YIKES! is all I can say….and pass the seasick medication! We are heading to Anacortes first to get Shawn and Heather’s book and check into the US…then off we go…Harbour hopping…( last plan anyway…) Hope to hear from you!

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