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Vancouver Island Cruising Experience (VICE) 2016

Don Hutchison

J/130 by J/Boats (Tillotson Pearson)
January 24th, 2016

There is no preparation for going offshore quite like being offshore. You can do this by joining VICE 2016.

VICE is an opportunity for Dreamers to get some offshore experience before they become Doers.  Here is the concept:

Each year BCA vessels from all three chapters get together online to plan a multi-day offshore trip, usually in late June/early July. They wait for a weather window off the West Coast of Vancouver Island before sailing out to sea. The idea is to leave in reasonable weather that is similar to what you will be experiencing on your offshore voyage. The boats head generally west out into the Pacific for two or three days, sailing towards a selected GPS destination before turning back. This shakedown cruise will give you a chance to test your boats and yourselves – cooking, eating, sleeping, using offshore systems, communicating and keeping watch at sea – the skills you will need when you leave on your real voyage. VICE also gives you the opportunity to practice manoeuvres like heaving to and deploying a drogue or storm anchor – best practiced before Mother Nature puts you to the test!

Boats that participate in VICE may be looking for crew. This is a golden opportunity for boatless Dreamers to experience life on board prior to buying and equipping a boat.

If you are interested in participating in VICE 2016 (no commitment necessary) join the VICE Group on our BCA website and click on the JOIN GROUP button.


If you’ve already decided this is for you, you can SIGN UP by filling in the form on the BCA website.


  1. Cornell Wust says:

    Hi there: Can you pls clarify what you mean by “no commitment necessary”? Want to learn more about VICE. Do I have to pay BCA fees to learn more than just what’s on the web? Don’t know if BCA is for me but would still like to do the 3 day offshore cruising first before becoming a member. Hope this makes sense. Already learning to sail through a local co-op. Thanks, Cornell

    1. Jennifer Handley says:

      Hi Cornell! Thanks for your interest in VICE and BCA. You do not need to join BCA to learn more about the association. You can first check us out by attending Club Nights (in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Calgary), registering for Education courses (you will pay a slight premium as a non-member), subscribe to Currents and explore many parts of the BCA website and then you can decide whether BCA has something to offer. However, in order to participate in VICE as skipper of your own boat or join the Fleet Group, you must be a member. BCA members who are interested in participating can join the VICE group online, but doing so does not commit them to participating in the 2016 event. Hope this helps!

      Jennifer Handley, BCA Commodore

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