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Untying the Lines

Karen and Dave Richards

Bayfield 40
September 21st, 2022

Here we are at Neah Bay, the day before our BIG left turn. There is thick fog and silence in the world. Our journey to this place entailed accomplishments and potholes.

My earliest memories are filled with sailboats, huge light blue sails, and happy sunny days on lakes with my family. Each summer, camping and sailing were intertwined; I participated more as my strength increased and as a growing understanding of my limits with the wind set in. Pushing past terrifying moments and finding happiness in calm moments became more and more rewarding.

Waiting for this Pandemic to become manageable in the world, we watched in awe of the doctors and other health providers, appreciating how they cared for and treated suffering patients, and we listened to podcasts and news stories about the changing virus strains, each becoming blocks in our cruising plans.

These last few days, I reflected on the long list of boat projects and improvements completed. I would never have been able to finish all the big and small jobs without the help of my wife Karen. I also have to acknowledge the many other people we met along the way, who have helped and guided us, sharing their stories and memories: they shaped our plans for the future.

Thank you Bluewater Cruising Association for welcoming and including us. Over the years, Karen and I attended a few events held for cruisers to talk about their experiences while travelling. At the May and August Rendezvous in Montague Harbour and Port Browning, we were all asked to contribute a story for Currents: ours is just beginning.

Setting off on our adventure, Dakota finds that currents push us quickly south to Port Angeles. Sun filled skies, endless conversations about Predictwind and possible weather we will find on our trip to California are framing our journey.  To be continued…


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