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VICE 2017

Jean Baillargeon

Discovery 47 sloop
March 25th, 2017

The Vancouver Island Cruising Experience (VICE) is back in 2017! Open to BCA members only, VICE is a mini offshore shakedown trip. Sail away from Vancouver Island, over the horizon and into the night in the company and security of a fleet of like minded, adventurous sailors. There is no preparation for going offshore quite like being offshore and VICE is an opportunity for Dreamers to get some offshore experience before they become Doers.

As in past years, BCA vessels from all three chapters get together online to plan a multi-day offshore trip. If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested in taking part in VICE this summer, we invite you to sign up now. You can do so either as skipper and boat or if you are not quite there yet, you can sign up as crew.

Plans For This Year

So far, there are 13 boats signed up and 3 folks looking to crew. Check out the participant list for this year’s VICE and don’t hesitate to get in touch with willing skipper and crew to get yourselves sorted out.

On the VICE sign up page, you will asked to choose between 4 weeks that better suit your cruising plans. The week that gets the most sign ups is the one we will shoot for.

This year, the departure date has been set to the week of July 10. Boats will gather in Ucluelet for an eventual departure sometime that week, weather dependent. An offshore waypoint has also been set about 150nm off the coast of Vancouver Island.

You can still take part in VICE even if you don’t depart from Ucluelet, you’ll just miss out on all the food and fun.

Tentative Itinerary

July 10 – meet and greet in Ucluelet (where exactly TBD – but most likely at the city marina)
July 11 – education day / potluck ( a way for us to get to know each other – and most likely safety and procedures review)
July 12 – depart at sunrise (or there abouts)
July 13 – continue to destination waypoint (see attached Google Map)
July 14-15 – return to Bamfield for debrief

So a few things you need to do if this is your year to take part in VICE. Once you’ve logged in as member to the BCA website:

  1. JOIN the VICE group.
  2. Click on the link to sign up if you’re doing this with your vessel. Or go directly to the VICE 2017 sign up page . You must JOIN the GROUP. Signing up to VICE 2017 does not mean you’ve signed up to the BCA VICE group. One of those website quirks…
  3. If you have signed up as skipper and vessel, sign yourself up on the OPEN Google Docs spreadsheet to let others looking to crew know who you are. Even if you’re not looking for crew, please sign up there too.
  4. If you ‘d like to crew on someone else’s boat, sign up to the crew sign up page.

Oh, and yeah, have a look at the VICE Facebook page too!





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