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WOW 2017: Meet the Instructor for Coastal Weather

June Lazenby

March 14th, 2017
Do you worry about weather and how it might affect your boating plans and enjoyment?
Participants in this workshop will learn how to observe clouds and changes in winds and barometric pressure, to predict advancing weather systems. By combining these observations with other sources of information, such as marine weather forecasts, weather station reports and weather maps, participants will learn how to anticipate weather and adjust their boating plans to seek protected anchorages or moorage.
Connie started sailing 40 years ago, racing round-the-buoys and long distance, progressing to overnight races where she helmed, navigated and provided input to strategy. She cruised the BC Coast for 20 years with her partner in a Cal 29 as far north as Glacier Bay, Alaska. In 2002 they headed offshore in Cookie Cutter, a Peterson 36, on a 10 year voyage that took them down the coast of North America to Galapagos, across the South Pacific to New Zealand and Australia, through SE Asia to Japan, and back to Vancouver Island via the North Pacific. Since her return she’s been coordinating the Fleet and Weather Groups of the VI Chapter of Bluewater Cruising Association.




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