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WOW 2017: Meet the Instructor for Essential Knots

June Lazenby

March 28th, 2017

This WOW hands-on session will show you how to handle lines like a seasoned boater.  By the end of the session everyone will be able to coil a line, fasten a dinghy, tie a loop to go over a cleat, tie a knot at the end of a line so it won’t go through a block or a hole, and tie a bowline.

For Elaine, growing up in a sailing family led to a PhD in Oceanography.  She and her husband, Mike bought their boat in 1973 in the UK and spent weekends cruising the English Channel in search of good wine and brie to share in the cockpit.  In 1982 they sailed to the Azores using a sextant for navigation – long before the days of chart plotters and GPS.

Mike and Elaine brought their family to BC in 1987 – the boat followed in a roll on roll off ferry six weeks later.  They were disappointed that they did not get the opportunity to sail to BC but duty called and so they answered promptly.

Today they are contented local coastal cruisers and have attended VICE a couple of times, an event Elaine fondly remembers as “Barf and Steer” although the beauty of the West Coast of Vancouver Island is not lost on her for a moment.




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