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Cruisers Marine Electrical (Part II)

Cruisers Marine Electrical is a two part course presented over two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday). It is highly recommended you take Part I, offered on Saturday, November 2 before taking Part II.

Part II will cover troubleshooting electrical and electronics systems. In order to get to the bottom of a system malfunction, first understand how something works. Start at the beginning and chase the problem one step at a time. For each component, know what they need and what they provide. Learn how to determine if the component is receiving power, or if it is connected to a breaker, or if you are simply dealing with a blown fuse.

In this course, you will learn the trouble shooting techniques to become self-reliant on your boat.

About the Instructor

The course will be facilitated by Jeff Cote, a systems design engineer and Western Canada’s only NMEA instructor.  Jeff is owner of Pacific Yacht Systems [1].