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Electrical Skills for Cruisers

Online Zoom

23 Nov 2020 1900h - 2130h  

Members $40 / Non-Members $60

Spend a couple hours listening to electrical engineer, Bjarne Hansen, talk about all things boat electrical.

He’s a popular instructor who’s taught sell-out courses in the past who has the remarkable ability to both do and teach. Learn about the theory behind electricity, how to safely use electrical equipment, repair techniques, avoid problems, troubleshoot, and how to stay safe when mucking about with electricity.

There will be two hours of lecture-style presentation, followed by a half-hour of Q&A. We aren’t imposing a maximum number of participants, so if there are more than a half-hour of questions, Bjarne will stick around to answer them. He will also provide you with all kinds of references so you’ll have something to work with when you go to practise on your own.

The course will be presented using the Zoom platform. All members welcome, tell a friend too! Once you register, you will receive instructions on how to join the online seminar. The cost for the course is per computer (device), so partners can sit side-by-side getting a two-for-one deal!

For More Information and to Register – Click Here