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Electronic Navigation Essentials

Jericho Sailing Centre, 1300 Discovery Street, Vancouver

02 Feb 2019 0930h - 1630h  

Members $85 / Non-Members $100

Presented by Ken Gillstrom (Voyageur Sailing), Electronic Navigation Essentials will help participants develop an understanding of the most common electronic navigation tools and how to use them more effectively. You will also gain an understanding of the limitations of these electronic tools, enabling you to make navigational decisions that will enhance safety on your vessel.  Topics include:

  • GPS Basics
  • Electronic Charts
  • Electronic Charting Systems
  • When things go wrong!
  • Radar
  • AIS
  • Autopilot
For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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  1. Avatar Peter Christensen says:

    Considering all US charts are free, Canadian West Coast digital charts through Fisheries and Ocean cost a lot. $1200 for electronic, $525 for raster. Anyway around this?

  2. Avatar ken says:

    Hi Peter
    Navionic Vector charts for all of Canada are less than $300 last time I checked?
    If you are purchasing a plotter in Canada, generally the Canadian charts are included.
    Ken Gilstrom