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Ocean Cruising Adventures Series – First to Finish Without Really Trying

After a lifetime of working and cruising on various oceans of the world and finding himself in possession of a beautiful old former race boat, Peter Heiberg thought he would give ocean racing a shot. Although earning only $30 an hour at the time, he entered the Pacific Cup from San Francisco to Kaneohe Bay in Oahu. “We joked that we were the only boat in the race that had a drill press in the focs’le but in fact, we did have a drill press in the focs’le”. His crew of mostly non sailors had a great time but didn’t exactly light the world on fire.

When Peter heard that the Single Handed Trans Pac (SHTP) was called “the bug light for weirdoes” he knew he had found the ocean race for him. So, in 2012 he headed south to San Francisco to make his first attempt at the SHTP. He did it again a year later in 2013; and much to everyone’s surprise, especially Peter’s, he was first to finish.

Peter will be talking about the three races and the18,000 miles of sailing involved.