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Vancouver Island Cruising Experience (VICE) 2019

Departure from Bamfield

20 Jul 2019   

Members $25 / Non-Members N/A

Dave and Karon Wilson

There is no preparation for going offshore quite like being offshore. You can do this by joining VICE (Vancouver Island Cruising Experience).

VICE is a multi-day (usually 2-3 days) shakedown cruise for BCA members in good standing that gives participants a chance to test their boat and themselves – cooking, eating, sleeping, using offshore systems, communicating and keeping watch at sea – the skills needed when offshore. VICE also provides an opportunity to practice manoeuvres like heaving to and deploying a drogue or storm anchor – best practised before Mother Nature puts you to the test!

VICE 2019 starts with boats gathering in Bamfield on or prior to July 20. The plan is to depart on July 20 (depending on weather) and sail to an offshore point approximately 100nm out into the Pacific and back in an effort to experience a proper taste of going offshore. The specific destination (GPS coordinates) will be finalized a bit closer to the time, depending on forecasted weather.

If you are interesting in learning more about VICE, reading past reports from cruisers who have tried it out, or want to sign up (or put your name down as crew), please join the VICE Group.  Please note that you must be logged in to view the VICE page.

How to join the VICE group

To register for VICE 2019, please follow the process outlined on the website.  Questions can be directed to Dave and Karon Wilson, this year’s VICE coordinators.

For More Information and to Register – Click Here


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