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VI Mid-Island Club Night – Mexico to Australia: a Two Year Plan

The dream of sailing to the South Pacific is a powerful one… this is Sarah & Will Curry’s story of how they made their dream a reality: one year in Mexico to buy and prepare their first boat, Hydroquest, a Beneteau First 405, and one year to sail her across the Pacific Ocean.  They’ll take us through their adventure with stories that range from embarrassing to inspiring. What’s it really like to be at sea for nineteen days? What happens when you sail into a bank of lightning in the SPCZ? And how easy it is to sell a boat down under?

Sarah and Will set off from the Pacific North West on their second boat in August 2017, abiding by certain key lessons learned the first time. Kaiquest, their Jeanneau SO 43, is currently in Southern California with her bow pointed south.

Sarah and Will Curry started talking about sailing to the South Pacific on their very first date. Will had already sailed thousands of offshore miles, but Sarah didn’t know the difference between a sheet and a halyard! Since starting their ‘life aquatic’ in 2012, they’ve voyaged many miles together. They’ve been scared, been amazed, have made a mistake or two, but are having the time of their lives.