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2017 – 2018 BCA Volunteering Opportunities

Many hands make light work!

It’s August. Many of us are taking advantage of the northwest winds and sunny weather to cruise along the fabulous BC coast, or to begin our offshore adventures.

Although I don’t really want to rush the end of summer, next month does herald the start of autumn. For me, September seems more like the beginning of a new year than January. Perhaps that sense of beginning is due to many years spent in school, first as a student and then as a teacher. September always offers the promise of a fresh start and the possibility of improvement over the previous year.  So it is with Bluewater Cruising Association’s new year of education, fleet, rendezvous, club nights… and volunteering opportunities!

This article is an invitation to you to volunteer this coming year. BCA is a volunteer-run organization so it needs members to assist with administration and the delivery of services and programs. In exchange for their time and energy, volunteers benefit from involvement in their Chapter’s management and receive free entry into club nights. Some positions even have their own burgees for the incumbents to display at rendezvous and other BCA events.

Here are the current BCA vacancies. Please give serious thought to applying for one of these essential (and exciting) positions.

BCA Board of Directors

BCA Vice Commodore. The Board of Directors is seeking a member with administrative abilities to serve as Vice Commodore.

Tasks include:

Note:  This position generally leads to the incumbent assuming the position of Commodore; however, it is not a requirement of the position.

Please contact Commodore Leslie Hansen [1] regarding the BCA Vice Commodore position.

Calgary Chapter

Education. The Calgary Chapter requires the services of a life-long learner to organise its education program!

Tasks include:

Speaker. The Calgary Chapter seeks a member who attends club nights regularly and looks forward to the presentations!

Tasks include:

Vancouver Chapter

Communications. This position provides communications support to the Chapter’s membership through email, PowerPoint, posters, and the BCA website.

Tasks include:

Membership. This position is instrumental in increasing the membership of the Chapter as well as that of the Association in general.

Tasks include:

Vancouver Island Chapter

Membership. This position is instrumental in increasing the membership of the Chapter as well as that of the Association in general.

Tasks include:

Secretary. The VI Chapter needs a chapter secretary. If you have good listening, computer, and email skills, this position is for you!

Tasks include:

Treasurer. The VI Chapter requires a member with knowledge of basic accounting and the ability to ensure monthly reporting of the financial status, and ongoing financial activities, to both the Victoria Chapter Watch and BCA’s central office.

Tasks include:

Interested? Next Steps

Full job descriptions for the above positions can be obtained from me, your friendly neighbourhood BCA Volunteer Coordinator [2].

Please let your Chapter Vice Commodore know of your interest to serve in the applicable chapter position by emailing:

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, please complete the online Volunteer Form [6], which will give the Association details about your talents and interests! (Helpful hint: at the end of the form, where there’s a math problem to complete, request a new math question.)

Here’s to fall and new beginnings!

Thank you.