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Anchoring Restrictions Around La Paz

Rosario Passos

Counting Stars
Whitby 42 Ketch
January 9th, 2017

If you are currently cruising in the Sea of Cortez, you may be interested in this news topic.

BCA member Carolyn Dailey from Shannon’s Spirit, who is currently sailing in the Sea of Cortez sent in this link that outlines some of the anchoring restrictions around La Paz. These restrictions are not new, and the information has been around for a couple years but seems to have missed the info loop for many cruisers in the area. For example, Carolyn indicates that some people are still anchoring in Caleta Lobos (it is a sweet anchorage) but they risk being run out at anytime and in any weather by the Mexican Navy.

We hope this information will be of help and contribute somehow to the protection of the coral and mangroves in sensitive areas around La Paz.

Feature Image: CCO – Public Domain


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