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BC Marine Parks Report

K. Barrie Letts

Saturna 37 Sloop
June 17th, 2021

BC Parks has been receiving complaints of boats over 11 meters (36 feet) using the docks in Marine Parks. Larger boats may be able to use the mooring buoys or may be able to anchor subject to availability and restrictions in each park.

There is limited information available for boaters on the BC Parks website. They are currently reviewing the website with input from the public.

Barrie Letts, one of the BCA representatives on the Council of BC Yacht Clubs, has volunteered to be a part of the public advisory group. Any BCA members with suggestions for improvements to the BC Parks website are encouraged to contact Barrie by email.  Anyone interested in getting directly involved in the review process should contact: Kevin Ehman.


  1. Hartley and Helen Janssen says:

    In May of this year we were in Plumper Cove on a buoy when a big boat (guestimate was about 60′-70 “) pulled up to the dock and tied up. When the park ranger/warden (?) came over to collect from us we asked about this and just received a shrug. My point is that if the restrictions are not enforced then many people will just keep doing it!

  2. Barrie says:

    The system is based on voluntary compliance. The Park Operators do not seem to be authorized to enforce the rules. Complaints should be directed to the Parks Department, with as much detail on the offending boat as possible.

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