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BCA Board of Directors Elected for 2016

Rosario Passos

Counting Stars
Whitby 42 Ketch
December 21st, 2015

The  BCA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who are elected by the members to manage the Association and promote its financial health and growth.  Directors are elected for a one year term and may stand for re-election.   Congratulations to those who were elected at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, December 9!   Thank you for your commitment to BCA.

Board members present at the Vancouver AGM, from left to right: Leslie, Florence, Blair, Jennifer and Ralph.

Board members present at the Vancouver AGM, from left to right: Leslie, Florence, Blair, Jennifer and Ralph.

The Past Commodore, Boudewijn Neijens, is an ex-officio member of the Board with voice but no vote.


The Board of Directors represents the interests of all members of BCA and ensures that decisions are in accordance with the purpose of the Association.  The Board of Directors provide guidance, direction and financial authority to those Watchkeepers and/or staff involved in the running of the association and ensure that services and activities provided to members support the purpose of the association.  The Board meets as required, usually ten times, but no less than five times a year.  Meetings are held by online conference call;  a face-to-face strategic planning session usually occurs in March.

Authority, Accountability and Reporting

The Board of Directors:

  • Is responsible for the overall management of the Association.
  • Ensures that the Association complies with the Society Act and with the BCA Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Is responsible for governance issues and compliance with the Governance Manual.
  • Approves the annual budget for each calendar year no later than the end of February.
  • Reviews quarterly financial status.
  • Approves all new, non-budgeted expenditure contracts over $1000 entered into by the Association or any chapter; and is consulted and must approve all expenditures outside budget limits.
  • Approves and reviews all policies of the Association.
  • On an ongoing basis, reviews the development of BCA policies and procedures to advance good governance and ensure that these are incorporated into the BCA Governance Manual.
  • Has the authority to employ or contract individuals to fulfill some of the tasks of the organization.
  • Manages all Requests for Proposals for outside contracts.
  • May appoint directors to fill vacant positions.

Watchkeepers Who Report To the Board

There are several Watchkeepers who serve the whole organization but do not sit on the Board of Directors.  Each Watchkeeper in this group reports to the Board of Directors or to a single Director on the Board:

  • Advertising Watchkeeper – Norm Cooper
  • CBCYC Representative – Chris Stask
  • Managing Editor, CurrentsRosario Passos
  • SysAdmin – Alastair Handley
  • Webmaster – Rudy Witt

There are also two Contract positions reporting to the Board:

  • BCA Administrator – Liz Gregory
  • BCA Bookkeeper – Diane Seeley

The Board of Directors appreciates the the support of and welcomes comments and suggestions from all members of the Association.  We look forward to working for you in the coming year!


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