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BCA Burgees Available Now for your Summer Cruising

Jennifer Handley

July 10th, 2022

Summer is finally here and it is high time to get out onto the water, if you haven’t already done so.  And when you do, what is the state of your BCA burgee?

  • Is it brand spanking new, never been flown?
  • Is it looking pretty good, excitedly awaiting the first hoist of the season?
  • Is it hanging, faded and forlorn, where you left it last winter?
  • Can you tell it has seen better days when you pull it from the locker?
  • Or do you find yourself muttering, “Burgee? What burgee?”

Depending on your answer to any of the above questions, you will be delighted to hear that BCA has just received a new supply burgees from our supplier, Lana Wong (who also happens to be a BCA member), and they are all looking for new homes (aka boats).  You can order your burgee online (don’t forget to log-in) using Credit Card or PayPal.

Best of all? There is no price increase! A mere $28 will get you a brightly coloured, beautiful burgee that you can enjoy and fly with pride.

Because we are cruisers and want to get our monies’ worth when we buy anything for our boats, be sure to take these critical steps to extend the life of your burgee:

  • Remember to take it down and store inside when not in use.
  • Hand wash with gentle mild detergent, cool water, no bleach, hang dry. (Keep your burgee away from petroleum and chemical products.)
  • Take the burgee down during storms whenever possible, as high winds, especially when accompanied by rain, will cause damage.
  • Check the fly end of the burgee for signs of wear. If wear appears, the worn part should be cut off and the burgee re-hemmed.
  • Never fold or store a burgee when it is wet, because wet burgees mildew and this ruins the fabric. Let it hang dry completely before putting away.



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