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BCA Volunteers Get Coordinated!

Donna Sassaman, Volunteer Coordinator

Spencer 44 Sloop
August 3rd, 2016

Most, if not all, of us join Bluewater Cruising Association to prepare ourselves for the grand adventure of offshore or long-range coastal cruising. We attend club nights and listen to inspiring presentations by Doers and Doners; take courses ranging from ‘Psychology of Cruising’ to diesel engine maintenance to understanding weather and other pertinent topics; read Currents and refer to our annual Member Directory; attend Rendezvous and have fun with other Dreamers, Doers, and Doners!

All of these activities – and a myriad of other activities and tasks – are organized by BCA members, who volunteer their time and talent to the Association.

In the past, when BCA was a small organization, passing the volunteer torch from one member to another wasn’t a problem: a bit of friendly pleading, some gentle arm-twisting, and/or other inducements were often all it took. In some situations, finding a replacement for a position still isn’t an issue. However, in its 38 years of existence, Bluewater Cruising Association has grown from a very small, one chapter organization to a large, multi-chapter organization with more than 800 members! Large organizations need a more formal structure, and so it is with BCA.

At its March 2016 Strategic Planning Session, the Board identified six strategic directions. One is ‘Mobilize more members as volunteers.’ The position of Volunteer Coordinator was identified by the Board as an integral part of the Association’s structure for recruiting, mentoring, and retaining volunteers.

I’ve agreed to serve as the first Volunteer Coordinator to assist the Board in developing and implementing a volunteer strategy. The job description is in draft form and the position will be activated in the fall. Right now, I’m putting you on notice that BCA wants YOU! So please give some thought to your skills, aptitudes, interests, and experience in the context of volunteering for the Association. To paraphrase Anne of Green Gables, there’s ‘scope for the imagination’ in volunteering for your favourite cruising association!

I’ll be in touch soon…

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