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The Boat's Ready... Are You?

February 20th, 2015

As many of us plan our voyage, the boat and its equipment tend to become the central focus of our thinking. These preparations require a steep learning curve, and sometimes become all-consuming. On the other hand, there are other factors that will impact our cruising adventures, and they include the deeper motivations that drive our dream to “go cruising”. To be fulfilling, our voyage can reflect our dreams and motivations, both individually, and as a couple.

We all have different styles of communication and decision-making. Blending the best of everyone’s style on board can lead to greater engagement, more fun, and better, safer decisions.

Understanding how each person on board learns (learning style) is essential to success, and having a clear process for acquiring information and skills will go a long way to increasing confidence and joy. Understanding fears and anxieties and how they may get in the way of the voyage, or be successfully managed, is key to success. Through “calibration” – incrementally addressing fears and gaining confidence – we can often realize our biggest dreams.

Rick Ellis offers the Psychology of Voyaging two-day workshop for cruising couples (or crew) who are interested in explore these factors and how they interact to shape a voyage. There are many myths associated with voyaging, and this workshop will examine some of them, including myths about “safety”.

This workshop puts the people back in the center of the voyage. Check here for details about the Psychology of Voyaging workshop in Victoria on March 14-15.


  1. Margaret Keresztesi says:

    This was hands-down the best & most useful course we took to prepare ourselves for extended voyaging. Also it was interesting, interactive and fun! Do not miss it.

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