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Currents Cover: Photo Contest

The Currents Cover Photo Contest is back! Our monthly “pdf” publication needs the best photos of your boats to grace its covers for the next 12 months!  Since the Currents Cover photo contests have been so popular, we thought we would do it again this year!

So, here’s the scoop:

If you are a BCA member in good standing, we ask you to submit the best photos of your boat to the Currents Editor [1] and then the Currents team will select the 12 best shots that will make the cover of Currents for the next 12 months.

Contest Rules

It is important that you follow these rules and guidelines for submission because if you don’t, we may not be able to use your photo. For example: we cannot use photos in landscape orientation for the cover of Currents, so, it is extremely important that you submit portrait only photos. See the rules and guidelines below:

So, dig into your photo archives or go out and take a great shot of your boat and keep those submissions coming! I am really looking forward to seeing the entries come in!

Photo Attribution: (License: CC0 [2])