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In Memoriam - Tom Hoskin

Rosario Passos

Counting Stars
Whitby 42 Ketch
August 8th, 2019

Tom Hoskin had impeccable attendance at the Vancouver Fleet meetings, and some of you, past and current Vancouver fleet members, may remember him helping with the set up and sharing his knowledge about racing, his memories from being a park warden in the Broken Island group and his stories volunteering for the RCM SAR in Deep Cove. He also shared his research about sea sickness in a Currents article.

Tom attended the last March Club Night with his brother, when we all found out that he was ill. Tom’s brother asked us to share the following with the membership:

“I had the good fortune to attend a meeting of the BCA last March with my brother, Tom Hoskin. As most BCA members were aware, Tom was terribly ill at the time. Tom’s illness was relentless. He passed away on June 24th.

His siblings are holding a get-together in his memory on August 20th from 2 to 4 PM. We extend an invitation to any members of the BCA who would like to join us. It will be an informal gathering with no particular agenda, just a chance for Tom’s friends, neighbours and fellow sailors to get together to share their memories of Tom over a drink and some appetizers.

We will set some time aside so that anyone who wishes to share thoughts about Tom will have an opportunity to do so. If anyone has photos of Tom they would like to share at the get-together please feel free to bring them along.

Our address is 1639 Larkhall Crescent in North Vancouver.”



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  1. Avatar Cameron McLean says:

    For years Tom was a member of the Fleet coffee committee bringing home-made cookies and ice cream as a special treat. All this in spite of his illness that was visibly slowing him down.
    All of us in the Fleet will remember him and miss him.

  2. Avatar Janet McKeown says:

    Thanks for posting and sharing this sad news about Tom, Rosario. He was cheerful and a frequent flyer at the fleet meetings and was active with discussions. He will be missed. I also heard the news from a local Ukelele group where Tom was a member.

    1. Avatar Anonymous says:

      Yeah Janet, very sad… He will be missed at fleet, that is for sure.