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Introducing BCA's 2022 Board of Directors

Jennifer Handley

February 22nd, 2022

BCA’s Board of the Directors and Their Responsibilities

BCA’s Board of Directors (BOD) consists of the Commodore, Past Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer and three Chapter Vice Commodores:

  • The Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected by the membership for a one year term at the Annual General Meeting which is traditionally held in early December.
  • The Chapter Vice Commodore nominees are selected by their respective Chapters at their Chapter meeting prior to AGM and elected by the members at the AGM for a one-year term. In addition to playing an active role on the BOD, they also chair their own Chapter Watch.
  • The Past Commodore is a non-voting, ex officio member of the Board.  

As per BCA’s Constitution and Bylaws, the Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to the Association overall and must ensure that all legal and financial filings required to maintain the association’s status as a not-for-profit are done correctly and in a timely manner.  This includes:

  • Planning for legal and regulatory needs (such as income tax filings)
  • Managing issues and decisions that have the potential to impact either BCA’s standing, its reputation, or its ability to attract and keep members in the long term
  • Ensuring that the Association complies with the Societies Act and with the BCA Constitution and Bylaws

All Board members must be BCA members in good standing and all are volunteers who step up to provide leadership and oversight of the Association’s activities.  Further information about BOD member responsibilities and accountabilities can be found in BCA’s Governance Manual.

And so, with that background information, please “meet” and applaud the BCA members who constitute the Association’s Board of Directors for 2022:


VI Chapter member, David Mitchell, joined BCA in 2018.  David is a dreamer who, with his partner in life and adventure, Trina Holt, is planning to begin his offshore adventures on Salt in 2024, however, he is no stranger to the sea – his career in the Royal Canadian Navy spans 35 years.  David’s volunteerism within BCA started quickly. After cutting his teeth in the VI Chapter  in 2019 he took on the role of  BCA Commodore in 2020 and was re-elected in December 2021.  David often states, “It is never too early to take on a position within BCA. In fact, it enhances the experience and increases your level of preparedness for offshore sailing.”

Vice Commodore

BCA Vice Commodore, Barrie Letts, is the newest BOD member.  Also a member of the VI Chapter, Barrie and his wife, Sandra, joined BCA in 2006, the Fleet of 2007, and then spent 7 of 12 years offshore aboard Passat II, cruising the west and east coasts of North and Central America; transiting the Atlantic Ocean and cruising the North Sea, Atlantic, Biscay and Mediterranean coasts of Europe and North Africa. Now cruising the BC Coast aboard SV Nearchus. Barrie has served as Membership Watchkeeper for the VI Watch for two years and joined the BOD in January 2022.


The new BOD secretary is Denise (Dee) Logan, currently based in Calgary but relocating to Vancouver Island this year.  A BCA member since 2013, she earned a BCA Offshore Crew award in 2018 for a passage from Kodiak  to Victoria BC. Dee served as the Calgary Communications Watchkeeper from 2017-2019 and now brings that chapter experience to the Board.


Darryl Lapaire is BCA’s new Treasurer.  Darryl and his family joined BCA (Vancouver Chapter) in 2014.  Within a year, he and Janet had sold everything they owned and flown with their children to Greece, where they started their offshore adventures aboard Maple, a Leopard 384 catamaran.  Seven years later, in November 2021, Maple and her crew arrived in BC; one month later, Darryl volunteered to take on this critical Board role.

Past Commodore

Also a member since 2014, Leslie Hansen became Vice Commodore in 2016, Commodore in 2017 and Past Commodore in 2020. She has been sailing with her partner, Don Chandler, for a while now on their Martin 32 Saracen. A typical cruising season sees them follow Plan A: leave when the boat is ready, sail north, turn around before the fog. Most years Plan A has seen them reach Glacier Bay, Haida Gwaii or the BC mid coast.

Calgary Chapter Vice Commodore

John Korbeek joined BCA in 2010 and became the Calgary Chapter Vice Commodore in 2020.  He has worn multiple hats during the past few years filling in the Membership and Communications roles on the Calgary Watch as needed.  John spent his youth sailing dinghies and catamarans on Alberta lakes. He now enjoys cruising with family and friends aboard Bear North.

Vancouver Chapter Vice Commodore

A BCA member since 2014, Don Hutchison is the new Vancouver Chapter Vice Commodore.  He served as Vancouver Treasurer 2019-2021 and in 2015 was the Vancouver Island Cruising Experience (VICE) coordinator. Don is in the preparation phase to go offshore and wants to cruise the world aboard Nootka, his J/130 which is being fitted for comfortable on-board living and short handed sailing.

Vancouver Island Chapter Vice Commodore

Scott Crawshaw joined BCA in 2001 and was elected VI Chapter Vice Commodore in 2020.  He went offshore with his wife, Sonia, and two daughters onboard Peregrinata from Victoria, BC to Brisbane, Australia in 2002-2006.  Scott spent a career in the Royal Canadian Navy, specializing in navigation and shiphandling and has been the Captain for three ships, including HMCS Oriole. He holds a Master Mariner, unlimited tonnage; ISPA Instructor, CYA and CRYA Yachtmaster Ocean.

Feature photo from upper left to right:  David Mitchell, Barrie Letts, Darryl Lapaire, Dee Logan, Leslie Hansen, Don Hutchison, Scott Crawshaw, John Kortbeek




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