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Join the 2016 Member Directory Team!

Donna Sassaman

Spencer 44
January 11th, 2016

Do you want an opportunity to give back to BCA but don’t want to take on a year-long commitment? Are you a person who enjoys editing, formatting consistency, and attention to detail? Are you comfortable working with Word and spreadsheets? Do you like working as part of a team?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then joining the Member Directory team may be just the right BCA volunteer commitment for you! The team is looking for two new co-coordinators to train in 2016 who will assume responsibility for directory coordination in 2017.

All the work is done by email so you can live anywhere!

For further information and a job description, please contact Donna. Thank you.


  1. Sally says:

    Hi Donna,
    We were chatting about how to dispose of old directories the other day, at the Van Club night. Barb Angel came up with a great idea: That BCA and Jennifer, put out a message to all members to bring in your old directories to the next Club night, for recycling by BCA.
    Each chapter could box up the directories for shredding at a local community shred day event (for some good cause / donation). That way, we wouldn’t have to worry about the directory information getting into the wrong hands!
    I sent the idea to Jennifer, but it was combined with another message and I don’t think it is on her radar.
    Your thoughts?
    Thanks for all your hard work, Donna, and I hope you and Geraldine find the two next editors for 2017!
    Sally xox

    1. Donna Sassaman says:

      Thanks, Sally, for your response. I think Barb’s idea is a great one! I like to keep one past directory in my library, e.g., 2014 in the year 2015, but end up pulling old directories apart and shredding them. I’d be happy to donate old directories for shredding for a good cause!

      If you know of a member with editing skills who wants an intense but short burst of BCA volunteer time, please have them contact Geraldine and me about the directory job! Thanks and hugs, Donna

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