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Is Your Member Profile Up-to-Date?

February 3rd, 2015

It is that time of year when we ask you, as the Primary Member, to check your member profile on the BCA website.

Why is checking your information so important? Because Geraldine Guilfoyle and Donna Sassaman, Directory Coordinators, are preparing to compile the 2015 Member Directory and, if your website profile is up-to-date, your directory entries will be correct. If important information is missing on the website, it’ll be missing in the directory, too.

Please be sure that:

  • Your name, address, phone number(s), and email address are correct;
  • If you have a HAM and/or VHF radio licence, your call signs are included;
  • If applicable, your spouse/partner (Associate Member) and Boat are connected to your profile as sub-accounts; and
    • Your partner’s address and phone number(s) and email address are correct;
    • Your boat’s name, boat type (make, length), and where moored are indicated; and,
  • If you belong to a yacht club, the name of your yacht club is included.

Below are the steps for checking and updating your profile. BTW, you will find the complete ‘How to Navigate’ by Webmaster Jean Baillargeon in the 2014 Member Directory.

Thank you for helping the Directory Coordinators make the 2015 Member Directory the most complete and accurate ever!

Logging into the Website

Typing in your browser address field should bring up our log-in page:

Log-in Screen

Log-in Screen

In the field labelled username, you type in the user name assigned to you by our administrator. In the password field, type the temporary password with which you were provided, or if you’ve changed it, type in your own password. Once typed, it will look like this :

Member Log-in screen with completed fields

Member Log-in screen with completed fields

Then, you can select the ‘remember me’ tick-box so you don’t have to sign in every time. The log-in does time-out at some point, but much later than for every visit. You then click the yellow Sign-In button, which will take you here:

Jean's Log-in screen

Jean’s Log-in screen

Managing your profile

Once you’re logged-in, click on the Manage Profile link in the right column.


My Profile - Manage Profile screen

My Profile – Manage Profile screen

You will end up on this page:

Manage Profile - Edit Bio screen

Manage Profile – Edit Bio screen

The arrow in the above screen is pointing to “edit bio”. That’s your first step. Click on that link. It will take you here:

Edit My Member Profile screen

Edit My Member Profile screen

The two arrows point to changes you are free to make: Your user name and your password. The rest of the page allows you to put in as much or as little information about yourself as you wish. In doing so, remember that this information is only visible to other BCA members and administrators. It is secure and not public.

How to Create Sub-Accounts

Sub-accounts are created and edited under the Manage Profile link.

My Profile - Manage Profile screen

My Profile – Manage Profile screen

First, click on the sub-accounts link marked by the green arrow below:


Manage Profile - Sub-accounts screen

Manage Profile – Sub-accounts screen

Click on the sub-accounts link… you end up below…

My Sub-accounts - Available Seats screen

My Sub-accounts – Available Seats screen

The circle indicates that out of 10 sub-accounts (or seats as they are called), 8 are available. In other words, my account has 2 sub-accounts: one for my spouse and one for the boat.

The arrow shows where to click to create a sub-account.

Export Sub-accounts screen

Export Sub-accounts screen

The system will ask you to sign out. Why? No idea… Just do it! You will end up here:

Select Your Member Type screen

Select Your Member Type screen

As you see, there are three sub-account choices. An associate is essentially a family member listed on your membership. A crew member might be another BCA member or a friend. Make the appropriate selection. Hit Continue.

You end up on this page:

Get Connected with Bluewater Cruising! screen

Get Connected with Bluewater Cruising! screen

Here you fill in the fields, select the chapter to which you belong, and click Continue.

You end up here and populate the fields as previously:

Registration Information screen

Registration Information screen

At the bottom of the registration page, you will have to click the Agree box and Submit.



  1. Currents News says:

    If you run into a problem that you can’t resolve yourself, email Liz at to ask for help in updating your profile and/or linking your sub-accounts.

    Good luck and thanks for your updated info!

    Donna Sassaman
    2015 Member Directory Co-Coordinator

  2. John Harper Scot Free IV says:

    What a great website!
    John and Deb
    S/V Scot Free IV
    Currently in the Sea of Cortez. Off to the South Pacific in March.

    1. Currents News says:

      Glad you like, John and Deb!

      Happy cruising,
      Donna Sassaman
      Cowichan Bay, BC

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