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In Memoriam − Ian Monsarrat

Ian was born in Montreal on September 9, 1934 and passed at 8 bells (End of Watch) at 0800h on 18 December, 2014. He and I were married in 1982 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Ian had four children from a previous marriage.

Ian was a photographer: commercial, industrial, CN, National Research Council, CIL. Since 1977, he was an Ophthalmic Photographer at UBC, Eye Care Centre, and Burnaby. He also took photos for fun!

Ian taught Power Squadron courses and sailing courses at Jib Set.

In 1979, Ian and I sailed our 26′ Thunderbird, Tolowa, up the inlets: Toba, Bute, Jervis, and Rivers, exploring the BC coast. We received an award from the Thunderbird Fleet 9 for going farthest afield in a T’bird that year! We also gave a talk at the Ocean Cruising Series at the Planetarium about our trip.

We bought Allegra, a Spencer 42, in 1980, moved aboard and into Spruce Harbour, and are still there. That year, we sailed to the Queen Charlottes, as a shakedown cruise to learn about our boat. We spent the next eight years sailing the BC Coast extensively, inside and outside Vancouver Island, and Puget Sound.

We were not part of the BCA Fleet as Fleet did not exist in those days. We just talked to cruisers as they came back to find out a bit more.

From 1988 − 1991, we sailed down to Mexico, across the Sea of Cortez to Acapulco, before heading to French Polynesia, Tonga, and New Zealand. When we returned, we received a BCA Offshore Award.

From 1999-2004 we travelled in our Volkswagen Westfalia in Mexico, the western American states, Alaska, BC, and Alberta.

Ian received a BCA Service Award in appreciation for his years spent on the Vancouver Chapter’s concession as bartender from 2007-2009.

With a quick wit, Ian would tease, banter, and chat with folks, and was well-known for his sense of humour. He will be missed by the many who knew him.

Barb Angel

Vancouver, BC